Podcast series

Join us every two weeks as we search for practical ways to improve our marriages, families and live as the best versions of ourselves. We discuss books we found impactful, trending topics, and share conversations we have had with other inspiring couples.


Episode 4 - Patrick Sullivan

Through his years of work as a missionary, Patrick saw the need that marriages and families have for practical, human formation and has started developing his own program, Me and My House, to strengthen marriages and families. We get to know his story, as well as get him to share some practical tips and tricks to strengthen our marriage and help improve ourselves as parents.

episode 5 - date night- The Relationship saver

We discuss practical tips to making date night happen, no matter what your budget is or your energy levels! Join us as we revisit best moments, conversation topics, conversation taboos, and more.


Episode 6 - what it’s like to be a parent

We just became parents 2.5 years ago! So we still remember what it was like before the kids came. How has our life changed? What have we lost, what have we gained? Was it worth it? What’s our relationship like now? — COMING APRIL 30