About us

Gerhard and I both grew up in families of ten kids (!) We grew up in the same community of family friends in Kingston, Ontario. We have both received so much wisdom from our parents, it’s almost overflowing. Now that we have kids of our own, we’ve embarked on an adventure to discover for ourselves what makes life great and beautiful. We want to share this journey with you.

Gerhard’s background is in marketing and I have a master’s in literature. We both love to read and learn—I worked as a children’s librarian and Gerhard, well, he owns a lot of books.

We got the idea to create a podcast last fall and thought it would be a fun way to share our knowledge and engage in a lot of interesting conversations.

With a lot of encouragement from our friends, we aired our first podcast January 2019 and have never looked back. In this journey of discovery, we want to enrich our marriage and family to build the best lifestyle possible. We both truly believe that out of all the successes in our life, we want our marriage and our family to be our best success.

Our goal isn’t perfection, it’s love. How can we love each other more and better? How can we be the best kind of parents to our children? What does it mean to be a better parent? How can we become more fulfilled as individuals and get a true sense of satisfaction from our life? These are the kinds of questions we like to tackle in our podcast and blog.

So join us, learn with us, and share your wisdom!