10 Fun Date Night Quizzes

Even after dating, engagement, and a wonderful honeymoon phase of marriage, it’s still possible to learn something new about your spouse! As we mention in our latest podcast, Gerhard and I love to do quizzes on our date nights as a way of getting to know each other better. They’re usually lighthearted and fun, but sometimes we like to throw in some more serious topics. I hope you enjoy these quizzes and get some ideas to create your own!

  1. What’s your Love Language?

As we mention in our podcast, the Love Languages quiz is online for free on Gary Chapman’s website. It is also available in his book. I really enjoyed hearing Gerhard’s answers as he filled out the quiz, so we completed the quiz in question and answer style between each other. Sometimes I knew exactly what he’d say, other times I had no idea. Afterwards we took some time reading the chapter that described each other’s number one love language. We came up with some practical ideas about how we could each love each other better, and even love ourselves better.

2. what’s Your Temperament?

We also have a podcast on this topic. Different from a personality assessment, the temperaments indicate our natural tendencies that we are born with. We can build on our temperaments but can never change them. I think this is why it is so important to learn about your spouse’s temperament because it helps us to be more sympathetic towards their more negative tendencies (and towards our own!) In Art and Larraine Bennett’s book on the topic, you can also flip ahead to a section called “Temperament Combinations in Marriage” to see what they have to say about you and your spouse’s temperament combination. They also have a whole book on marriage and temperament: The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse. The temperament quiz is available online for free.

3. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know…

In this quiz, you have to think up some fact or significant experience about yourself that your spouse does not know. Of course, this can be tricky to think of, so that’s part of the fun. My aunt and uncle who have been married for 10+ years love playing this game!

4. What do you like about me?

We did this quiz when we were dating, but it’s always a fun one to return to. You might be surprised by what you hear! In this quiz, both spouses write down ten things they admire about the other. Then you can take turns slowly revealing all your answers. Add anecdotes and don’t be afraid to elaborate, that’s part of the fun!

5. What do you find attractive about me?

Also a fun one! But please note that this one is better for a relationship that is in the summer/springtime of their marriage or relationship. This quiz, more than the others I find, puts each spouse in a very vulnerable position.

As a woman, you probably enjoy hearing your husband call you beautiful, but do you know which physical traits of yours that he finds especially attractive? And you might be surprised, but men also like to hear that they are physically attractive to their spouse! They especially like to hear how their manly aspects are admired, whether strength, height, or even their beard! Women are especially keen to have aspects of their face admired, especially the eyes or smile.

If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied by what you hear, be bold and ask about it. You might find some new points to love about yourself. There might be a reason or a story behind why your spouse is especially attracted to some aspect of your physical self. Be cautious to only speak of the positives. Avoid for the moment saying things like “but I wish you worked out more” or “ten years ago I really liked”. Focus on the positives and the now. It is very nice to hear about what your spouse finds attractive in you and this quiz may be an opportunity to rekindle some old sparks.

6. Languages of Apology

This topic may be a bit more serious (if you’re in a serious mood) but it’s nonetheless fascinating. You might assume you know how to apologize , but do you know if you’re apologizing in a way that your spouse feels is genuine? This quiz comes from Gary Chapman and we learned about it through his book Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married. You can access the quiz online for free at the 5 Love Languages website.

7. What do you think of my parents?

This idea also comes from Gary Chapman’s Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married. Gary Chapman argues that the things you see in your spouse’s parents (especially the parent of the same sex) will likely be a character trait in your spouse. The happy thing is that recognizing the traits we inherit allows us to be mindful about whether we want to integrate them. It is extremely interesting to hear what your spouse has to say about the positive and negative traits they see in your parents. Of course, it’s important to be respectful! You don’t wan to get into a fight on your date night. A summary of his quiz is as follows:


  1. Write down 5-10 positive traits in your mother.

  2. Write down 3-5 of her negative traits.


  1. Write down 5-10 positive traits in your spouse’s mother.

  2. Write down 3-5 of her negative traits.

Make sure you write your answers down instead of just thinking them so that your answers are not influenced by your spouse’s response. You might be very surprised by what your spouse has to say. We did this quiz four years ago and I still remember some of Gerhard’s answers! Once you have finished discussing your wife’s mother’s influence, switch it around to speaking about your husband’s father. Follow the same method of writing down your answers first before revealing them. Ask each other how you would like (or how you try) to be different from your parents/similar to your parents.

8. Travel Back in Time

This quiz is especially fun to do on a significant anniversary of your relationship (first date, or a wedding anniversary, for example). Here are some questions to help you travel back in time:

  1. What did you first think of me?

  2. When did you fall in love with me?

  3. What were your expectations of how things would turn out?

  4. How long did it take for you to propose?/Did you feel like the proposal was a surprise?

  5. What were your parents’ first impression of me?

9. Where do you see us in 5 years?

You can zoom into the future 5, or even 10 years. The point of this exercise is to develop a dream for your family together. Where do you see your relationship? Where do you see your kids? Will you be living in the same town? How will your hobbies have developed? Come up with some realistic scenarios, and then throw in some wishful thinking too just for fun.

10. what’s your blue flame?

As we describe in our podcast Find Your Blue Flame, it’s easy in marriage to lose your sense of self amidst the demands of your relationship with your spouse and children. Jennifer Fulwiler's book, One Beautiful Dream explores her journey of maintaining her identity amidst her growing family through her passion for writing. As you sit down for date night with your spouse, pull out some pen and paper and have some time to reflect on 5-10 things that you do that make you feel most alive. Before you reveal your answers, can you guess the 5-10 things that your spouse has written down?

We hope you like our ideas for fun date night quizzes! Do you have any date night quizzes that you would like to share?